Rules of the platform
inbox Receipt and processing of a request from the student
  • As soon as the student leaves a request for a class, you will receive a notification in the mail. You will also receive instructions on how to contact the student.
  • You must confirm or reject the request. Try to respond to requests as early as possible, preferably within 5 hours from the receipt of the request.
  • Attention! If after the receipt of the request from the student it has been 8 hours, and it has remained unprocessed, the lesson will be canceled.
Calendar schedule tutor Rescheduling or canceling the lesson
  • If you want to cancel the lesson, but You have already confirmed the request from the student, you can cancel or reschedule it no later than 8 hours before the scheduled lesson, otherwise, the money will be returned to the student.
  • If a student is not able to attend the lesson, he must cancel it within 8 hours before the start. Otherwise, the lesson will be considered as completed and you will receive payment.
atm-card Lesson payment by the student
  • At the time of requesting for the lesson, the platform reserves the required amount on the student's account
  • As soon as the lesson is completed, the payment is credited to the tutor’s account.
  • If the lesson does not take place due to the fault of the student, money will be transferred to the tutor.
  • If the lesson does not take place due to the fault of the tutor, the money will be returned to the student.
event Calendar settings and schedule of classes
  • Specify the relevant schedule and the availability of free time for lessons (a student apllies for a class no later than 20 hours before the lesson).
  • 1 academic hour on the platform consists of 50 minutes of active work and 10 minutes of break / time for questions from the student.
  • The minimum duration of a lesson with one student is 1 academic hour, and the maximum duration is 5 academic hours.